2024 VISION Registration Brochure and Course Descriptions

2025 VISION registration brochure and course descriptions will be available Fall 2024. Use the 2024 VISION registration brochure as a guide to what kind of schedule and courses are offered for VISION 2025!

Get Prepared For VISION 2025 Registration: 4 Easy Steps To Follow

VISION 2025 attendees can stay prepared when registration officially opens by completing our recommended pre-flight checklist for VISION registration. Presented by Sheri Hamilton, VISION conference manager and executive director.

Management Training Courses

Management training courses are professional learning programs that offer attendees the knowledge, techniques, and resources to develop the skills they want to achieve. Management training at VISION is designed to be automotive industry specific or related to the industry and aims to reflect various business needs. Management training courses often range in the following categories: leadership, financial, customers, organization, business management, time management, sales, marketing, among other business oriented topics.

Technical Training Courses

Technical training courses are training programs that teach attendees either technical or hands-on aspects of automotive services. At VISION, the technical training courses are designed around the automotive industry and the classes are created to teach interested automotive technicians either new or updated information regarding the technical aspects of the automotive service industry. Technical training course topics can differ from year to year as the automotive service industry continues to enhance processes, tools, and technology. Those interested in technical courses can often find classes in the following categories: diagnostics, calibration, engines, automotive electronics, information systems, operations, repairs, programming, advanced techniques, and other trending topics.

Educator Think Tank (ETT)

The Educator Think Tank (ETT) program is an entire day geared specifically toward automotive educators. The ETT program involves a special lineup of courses focusing on educators’ needs and education. VISION provides this exclusive opportunity for educators to learn alongside industry professionals and bring the information back to their students. Educators can often find classes in the following categories: presenting techniques, advancements in automotive technology, introduction of new learning tools, and other popular educator topics.

Panel Discussions

A panel discussion comprises a group of individuals gathered to discuss a topic in front of an audience. Panel discussion’s often consist of a moderator who oversees the discussion, speakers willing to share their thoughts and opinions, and the audience to contribute as needed. Panels tend to be less formal than regular presentations, allowing participators to contribute supporting messages or relevant stories (success, failures, lessons, etc) to the topic being discussed. Panel discussions at VISION follow topics related to the automotive service industry.