Get Prepared for VISION 2024 Registration: 4 Easy Steps to Follow

As VISION Hi-Tech Training & Expo 2024 approaches, the excitement is soaring, and it’s time to gear up for registration, Top Gun style! Registration opens this Tuesday at 2 PM CST, offering a passport to the industry’s leading learning and networking arena. Embrace the spirit of “Top Gun Training” with this 4-step guide, ensuring a smooth journey to secure your spot at this high-flying event in the automotive service industry.

1. Download the Mission Briefing (Event Schedule)

Your first maneuver is to download the detailed event schedule from our website, your mission briefing for VISION 2024. This schedule is your tactical map to a wide array of management and technical training. With this intel, you can strategize your event experience to align with your interests and operational needs.

2. Squadron Meeting (Meet With Your Team)

If you’re flying in with a squadron (attending as part of a team), schedule a briefing with owners, technicians, and service advisors. This is your chance to align your mission objectives and select the sessions and activities for maximum benefit. This collaborative strategy session will enhance your VISION experience, ensuring your team effectively navigates the event.

3. Chart Your Course (Gather Selections & Organize)

After your team briefing, gather each member’s session choices and plot them into a spreadsheet for easy navigation. Use our specially designed VISION spreadsheet template, complete with a tab to coordinate your lodging arrangements. This step is vital in crafting a unified and efficient flight plan, ensuring all squadron members can attend their desired sessions without any air traffic (scheduling conflicts).

4. Prepare for Takeoff (Be Ready to Register)

Set your watches and prepare for takeoff! Registration launches this Tuesday at 2 PM CST, with the link being available at Ensure you have your mission details and flight plan (spreadsheet) ready. A prepared captain ensures a smooth and hassle-free takeoff into the registration process.

Get ready to ascend into an expedition of networking and learning at VISION 2024. We’re excited to welcome you aboard!

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