Why VISION 2022 Is the Best Conference for Auto Repair Training

Comprehensive training for auto repair specialists is critical in providing the best possible service to customers. However, finding the proper training for your team can be challenging. VISION 2022 makes it more accessible as the leading cutting-edge automotive training event of the year.

Here’s what The VISION Hi-Tech & Training Expo has to offer that other similar auto repair training conferences don’t.

Over a Hundred Training Courses

The VISION Expo arguably offers the most on-site training courses of any automotive conference currently being held. There are many roles and tasks within an auto repair business, making it difficult sometimes to find the appropriate training materials for everyone.

At VISION KC, we are specifically an automotive training event. VISION has something for everyone in your shop, from entry-level to advanced diagnostic training, live-car, and hands-on training. Our Automotive management classes will train shop owners, managers, and service advisors on various hot topics, including finance, marketing, sales, and more. We aim to connect auto repair shop owners, employees, and other automotive enthusiasts with each other in a like-minded space.

Multiple Featured Brands & Products

Most auto repair shops aren’t married to one brand of automotive parts or tools. Instead, owners and employees prefer to work with the most effective equipment for the task at hand. Conferences held by brands tend not to include as many competitors if any at all. The availability of products is skewed in favor of the hosting manufacturer to generate more sales.

The VISION Training & Expo is an unbiased industry leader that brings in technology and automotive products from manufacturers all over the globe. Here, automotive brands compete with each other for the attention of attendees, and attendees have the benefit of access to a more diverse group of exhibits.

One-on-One Attention

More people at a training event isn’t necessarily an indicator of the quality of the training. There’s essentially a sweet spot where there are enough diverse people from different backgrounds to provide robust one-on-one networking opportunities and have meaningful conversations with each other.

The VISION Hi-Tech & Training Expo hosts approximately 3,500 people annually, more significant than many automotive industry trainings, but smaller than others. You might find it overwhelming, or at least challenging to find your place at larger events, making one-on-one opportunities slim to none. At VISION KC, we feel that we’ve found that sweet spot, and years of attendee feedback agrees with that statement.

Pre-Register For The VISION Hi-Tech & Training Expo Today

This year, the VISION Expo promises to be the best event yet. After a long hiatus from in-person training, key automotive industry players are excited to meet in person again.

Pre-register for your training and classes now before there are classes sell out You can be sure this event will fill up faster this year than ever before, and there’s a chance you may not be able to secure attendance if you wait. Plus, hotels in the area will fill up quickly, and you want to make sure you have comfortable accommodations conveniently located at the VISION Expo.

We can’t wait to see everyone this year!

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