Mastering Electrical Fault Diagnosis

One thing that is the bane of automotive technicians worldwide is the vehicle that comes in with an electrical fault. Electrical is always a pain to diagnose and could take hours, especially for an inexperienced technician. And, when the tech finally finds the problem, you can just see the eyes rolling because it is often something simple.

As Pete Meier stated, it’s kryptonite. But, with the proper training and tips, you can be the electrical superhero at your shop. This year, Pete Meier will be at the VISION Hi-Tech Training & Expo to teach you how to turn kryptonite into a superpower. His class is sponsored by Motor Age, an auto repair shop magazine that offers much new technology training and information.

Auto Technician Training in Electricity

Vehicles are becoming more complicated, which means that they have more wiring. More wiring means taking longer to find an electrical fault. This year, Pete Meier will teach his tips and tricks for quickly diagnosing electrical faults at the VISION 2022 automotive conference.

Our VISION KC classes are filling up quickly, so if you want to learn how to save time and money when diagnosing electrical faults, register now so you can sign up for the class before it fills.

The Trick to Beating Electrical Fault Diagnostics

Most techs know enough about a vehicle’s electrical system to find a fault. But the things they do not know hinders speed in diagnosis. According to Meier, the first thing a technician needs to do is have a “solid understanding of how and why electrical circuits work.”

Meier will be teaching:

  • How to diagnose the fault before testing.
  • The five ways a circuit can fail.
  • A testing technique you should master.
  • Using diagnostic tools and diagnostic training.
  • What the technician should test before replacing an ECU.
  • Whether to use a scope or DVOM – and when.

This only touches on the information Meier will be discussing in his class. Techs who attend this seminar at this year’s VISION Hi-Tech Training & Expowill be able to use the information to locate and diagnose electrical faults quickly.

With this information, your shop will make more money since it won’t take your auto technicians as long to diagnose electrical problems. An added benefit is that your customers will be more than happy since you could find and repair the fault in much less time.

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