VISION 2022 Trainer Spotlight: Rick White with 180 Biz

Attention all car-lovers, automotive repair technicians, and others in the auto industry: Rick White from 180BIZ will teach an insightful class at the upcoming VISION KC Expo. This class, dubbed Overcoming Overwhelm, will be held on Friday, March 4, from 8 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. The VISION 2022 automotive training event will occur in Kansas City between March 3 and March 6.

Learn How to Overcome Overwhelm

Like most people, you might be feeling overloaded with stress, anxiety, and worry for a good reason. The pandemic has dragged on much longer than most expected. However, help is available at the upcoming VISION 2022 automotive training event. Reserve a seat in Rick White’s class sponsored by 180 Biz, and you’ll have the tools and strategies you need to cope with ongoing challenges, conquer them and reach your true potential.

Whether you are saddled by anxiety at home or work, Rick can help. From strategies for coping with the stress of the pandemic to delegating work, overcoming the employee shortage, and beyond, Rick’s Overcoming Overwhelm class will help you dial it down, manage the stress and thrive.

Class Details

Sponsored by 180Biz, Overcoming Overwhelm is designed for those who own, manage and work in auto shops. It is no secret that working in the auto industry has been quite stressful during the pandemic. The elevated demand for vehicles has pressured auto repair technicians and other automotive specialists to perform timely repairs. If you’ve been struggling to find enough qualified individuals to join your team or if your customers’ raw demands have overwhelmed you and your staff, you will significantly benefit from attending Rick’s Overcoming Overwhelm class.

If your business is overwhelmed, it will spill over into your personal life, stress your family and make it challenging to live life to the fullest. What matters most is that you recognize the prospect of becoming overwhelmed and respond accordingly. Rick is here to help with the tools you need to emerge from the metaphorical quicksand and make progress in the context of attaining your dreams.

So don’t give up. Do yourself and your team a favor by listening to what Rick has to say in Overcoming Overwhelm, and his insightful guidance just might change your life and your career. Your business will run smoother, you’ll be more productive, and you’ll return to having fun after attending this class at VISION KC’s 30th-anniversary event.

Register for Your VISION KC Spot Today

If you are feeling overwhelmed, don’t fret. Rick White is here to help you overcome your frustration, anxiety, and worry with his Overcoming Overwhelm course at VISION Hi-Tech & Training Expo this March 3rd in Kansas City. There’s no need to be vaccinated to attend VISION KC. Currently, county guidelines state you do not need to wear a mask to attend the event. If you have any other questions or concerns, you can learn more by clicking the VISION KC FAQ. You can register your seat at the VISION 2022automotive training event today by clicking here.

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