VISION 2022: VISION 2022 Is All About DIGITAL

This year, VISION 2022 is going all digital! All of our technical and management courses are live and in person. But handouts and other class materials will be available through the VISION app.

This year’s VISION Expo is about how technology can help your shop. We decided to use tech to help you learn more faster. And you can take everything you learned with you to refresh your memory later.

Classes are filling up quickly. Register now to ensure you can sign up for the classes you want or need.

What Do You Mean “All Digital?”

Attendees will need to bring a tablet or smartphone with them. A tablet might serve you better since it has a larger screen to get the most out of the classes we are offering at this year’s VISION Hi-Tech Training & Expo.

You will be able to follow along with the class handouts on your tablet instead of paper documents that are not ‘green‘ and easy to lose.

VISION KC automotive conferences make learning new concepts and expanding on general concepts easier. However, the information isn’t any good if you can’t refer back to it when you need to.

Going digital allows us to expand the class information and bring many of the classes back to the shop.

The information can help you improve customer service, repair work, and more. You won’t have to worry about remembering how to use a tool or which trick allowed you to get a specific job done quicker.

Required Specs for the VISION App

You need a tablet or smartphone with iOS 11.0 or later to use the VISION app. If you use the Android platform, you need 6.0 or later.

You can access material directly through the app. You can also access it through a web browser on your tablet or smartphone.

If you prefer a laptop computer, you are more than welcome to bring a laptop and access the materials via web browser.

Learn More About VISION Expo Going Digital for Auto Technician Training

For those who have registered, we will contact you when the app is available to download. You’ll have an early peek at what is to come. You can also learn more about going digital by visiting VISION KC.

To find out more about the live in-person automotive technician training for owners, technicians, and service advisors and obtain a list of classes, click here for class descriptions and here for the schedule of events.

We will also have some special events, including a high-tech tool expo, VISION Expo, Expo Giveaway, silent auction, ACA reception, and more.

Classes are filling up very quickly. To ensure you get into the classes you want, register as soon as possible to attend VISION Hi-Tech Training & Expo.

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