Top Automotive Technical Training Sessions to Attend at VISION

In our quest for continuous learning in the fast lane, VISION stands as the pinnacle of automotive technician training, where the excitement is as tangible as the smell of burning rubber on the race track. As the heartbeat of the automotive service industry, VISION Hi-Tech Training & Expo offers both management and technical courses, ranging in a variety of skill levels and topics that ensure there is something for everyone at your automotive repair shop.

 Unleashing Technical Excellence 

VISION isn’t just an event; it’s a high-octane journey into the heart of automotive innovation. Our technical courses, carefully crafted for enthusiasts at every skill level, promise an electrifying blend of knowledge, hands-on experiences, and insights from the industry’s brightest minds catered to your automotive technician training. From diagnostics and calibration to engines, electronics, and programming, VISION is a powerhouse of technical education led by the titans of the automotive world.

 Spotlight on Specific Workshops 

When it comes to offering course variety, VISION remains the unwavering choice for automotive technician training thanks to the contribution of instructors from all over the nation. These courses, handpicked based on their relevance to current industry trends, cater to various skill levels, from beginner to advanced. The below courses showcase the technical education opportunities attendees can choose from.

The below courses were  highlighted based on the specific automotive subject and current growing registration numbers. Some listed courses are currently sold out, and some are going fast.

T1-ABCD General Service Technical Academy (GSTA): Thursday February 29 + Friday, March 1
  • This comprehensive 2-day program (Thursday/Friday) is designed for entry-level and apprentice technicians. This program benefits the technician and the shop with increased efficiency, knowledge, and safety, as well as a cost-savings by helping prevent beginning mistakes.
  • Certifications will come from Tire Industry Association (TIA), Automotive Lift Institute (ALI), and Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS). This course does require approximately 3 hours of prep work prior to coming to VISION. Class size is limited so register early.
  • The GTSA will cover the follow topics for each day
    • Thursday: OSHA, Lift Safety, Fluids & Oil, Tire Safety & Repair & TPMS, Basic Alignment
    • Friday: Vehicle Inspections, DVI’s, A/C, Basic Electricity
T15-B Driveability from the Drivers Seat – Mastering Scan Tool Data Interpretation: Thursday February 29, instructed by Brandon Steckler
  • The course objective is to first, take the novice drivability-tech and offer insight as to how fuel injection strategy functions (at the most basic level). After a thorough discussion of what critical inputs are necessary and how they contribute to the decision of the proper fuel injector pulse-width, interactive class exercises will begin.
  • The goal of the class is to have the attendees analyze the data and decipher which fault is responsible for the data being viewed at that time. Attendees will leave with an understanding of fuel injection strategy, fuel feedback control, and the ability to use generic scan tool data to make preliminary decisions about diagnostic direction, right from the driver’s seat.
T27-C Communication Issues U Codes and Network Diagnostics: Friday March 1, Instructed by Eric Ziegler
  • This class will introduce technicians to a simplified, straightforward and logical step by step process to understanding and diagnosing network issues in the modern vehicle. Tooling options and techniques will be discussed. Real world case studies will be used to illustrate these techniques.
    • The class is sponsored by WTI/CTI.
  • Diagnostics is one of the top trending topics of VISION 2024, with nearly 25+ courses involving some level of diagnostics. Diagnostics is an important aspect of any automotive shop, because it reveals the issues and can help reach the solution much quicker. VISION’s offers a wide range of diagnostic courses and categories that shows any technician why VISION is the go-to automotive technician training event for diagnostics.
T47-E TECHTalks: Saturday March 2, Moderated by Matt Fanslow
  • TECHtalks is a session where technicians who aren’t instructors get an opportunity to present case studies, technical training tips, case studies and more. Moderated by Matt Fanslow, this unique, powerful, and informative 3-hour session during VISION is one not to miss!
  • TECHTalks is a unique education opportunity presented by VISION to provide technicians a chance to share their own personal experiences and tips.
T11-A Electricity for the Automotive Professional (HANDS-ON): Friday March 1, Instructed by Robert Kenney
  • Electricity for the Automotive Professional: this is an intermediate level class that will build students’ electrical skills. Ohms law, electrical calculations, theory of electricity will be taught. Voltage drop testing, its importance and how to test properly. Testing techniques to locate concerns quickly. Hands on activities for circuit building and testing will be provided.
  • VISION’s hands-on courses provide next level learning with actual engagement on the topics that are learned throughout the course. Not all automotive technicians learn from power-points and notes, so VISION made it possible for those who like to work with their hands, can learn with them too.

 Masters of the Craft 

For over 30 years, VISION has been the epicenter of automotive excellence, attracting legendary technical instructors who redefine industry standards. The technical instructors at VISION bring real-world experience to their workshops, offering practical insights and proven methodologies that any technician can leverage. Engage with industry leaders like Brandon Steckler, Eric Ziegler, Scot Mana, John Thornton, and many more, forging connections during and after their workshops, in the exhibit hall, or throughout the conference.

Featured Instructors and Sessions:

  • Brandon Steckler
    • T9-A, Thursday Feb 29: A Streamlined Approach to Diagnostic Dilemmas.
    • T-15B, Thursday Feb 29: Driveability from the Drivers Seat – Mastering Scan Tool Data Interpretation.
  • Eric Ziegler
    • T13-A, Thursday Feb 29: Mobile Diagnostics 101, Sponsored by WTI/CTI.
    • T16-B, Thursday Feb 29: Engine Mechanical Diagnosis with Electronic Equipment, Sponsored by WTI/CTI.
    • T27-C, Friday March 1: Communication Issues U Codes and Network Diagnostics, Sponsored by WTI/CTI.
    • T40-E, Saturday March 2: Diagnosing Fords using IDS and FDRS Laptop Based Scan Tools, Sponsored by WTI/CTI.
  • Scot Mana
    • T14-A, Thursday Feb 29: Modern Diagnostic Process for Gas and Diesel, Sponsored by WTI/CTI.
  • John Thornton
    • T55-F, Saturday March 2: Domestic Driveability Diagnostics, Sponsored by WTI/CTI.

VISION isn’t just a training event; it’s the pulse of automotive innovation. With courses on trending topics, industry-leading instructors, and a plethora of technical learning options, VISION is the unwavering choice for automotive technical training. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting your journey, VISION has a course tailored for you. Check out our full list of courses and descriptions, and don’t miss the chance to secure your spot in the fast lane of automotive excellence. The engines are revving, and the countdown to VISION is on—register today and ignite your automotive passion!

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