VISION 2022: #1 Reason for Auto Technicians to Attend VISION 2022

VISION 2022 is the first major automotive training event in 2022 for the industry. The technicians who attend the event exponentially expand their knowledge base—even those with years of experience in automotive repair and maintenance.

In 2020, over 3,500 people attended the auto technician training series worldwide, including the United States, Canada, Australia, Zimbabwe, Brazil, and Guatemala.

What the VISION Hi-Tech Training & Expo Has to Offer

VISION KC offers over 100 training courses in shop management, technical courses, heavy-duty training, and educator courses. The technicians who attend also have access to 60,000 square feet of space where they will find the most up-to-date tools, technology, and equipment.

Why a Technician Should Attend the Auto Technical Training Courses at the Vision Expo

In addition to receiving automotive technical training, technicians who attend VISION 2022 will learn tips and tricks to help them in their job.

Whether it is tearing down an engine for a rebuild, providing maintenance for their customers’ vehicles, better managing the shop to keep customers happy, or advertising to increase the shop’s customer base, VISION 2022 will provide you with the training you need to succeed.

Technicians who attend VISION Hi-Tech Training & Expo will walk away with the automotive technical training required to use the latest tools and diagnostic technology. Auto repair shop owners receive the best ways to manage and market their shop to get the most out of every technician on every job.

The Number 1 Reason for an Auto Technician to Attend VISION 2022

The best reason a technician should attend VISION 2022 is that it has classes for everyone in the shop.

From a service manager who just started to an owner with 50 years of automotive experience, everyone will find more than one live training seminar that will teach them something new.

During the seminar, participants can ask questions to expand on the information presented—and expand the technician’s knowledge at the same time.

With over 100 seminars, a technician can line up several seminars related to his line of work or take a seminar to learn a new skill.

No Train, No Gain

Automotive repair shops are becoming more competitive. The shops that do not grow with the ever-evolving technology will not fare as well as other shops.

It’s no longer enough to have the friendliest customer service and the most knowledgeable technician who can work on anything with two or four wheels.

As the technology in vehicles becomes more advanced, technicians need updated diagnostic equipment and knowledge to stay in the game. The new technology isn’t just for auto techs. It’s for managers and service advisors, too.

Giving a customer the ability to see what you see once their vehicle is on the lift goes a long way in garnering their trust and repeat business.

In the old days, the customer had to take the technician’s word or stop by the shop to see the problem. Now, shops can use shop software to manage the customer’s needs, including sending photos and videos of work the vehicle requires.

Register for VISION 2022 in Kansas City to take advantage of the many live training courses available. VISION 2022 will be held from March 3 through March 6, 2022 at the Overland Park Convention Center located at 600 College Blvd., Overland Park, KS, 66211.

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