From Novice to Pro: Tailoring Your VISION Experience to Your Skill Level 

Prepare for a VISIONary journey that caters to every level of automotive expertise! The engines are revving, and as we gear up for the VISION Hi-Tech Training & Expo, it’s time to explore how professionals at different stages of their careers can customize their experience for maximum impact. Whether you’re a rookie in the field or a seasoned pro, VISION has a plan designed just for you.

Novice Technicians: Taking Your First Solo Adventure to VISION

Embarking on your automotive career? Welcome aboard! The VISION Hi-Tech Training & Expo is the perfect launchpad for novices looking to gain essential knowledge and build a strong foundation. New technicians can start your journey with the 2-day  ‘General Service Technician Academy,” where industry experts will guide you through the basics. Attendees can expect hands-on demonstration and interactive sessions that will set you on the right trajectory.

Intermediate Technicians: Accelerating Your Plan

If you’ve been in the automotive service industry for a while, it’s time to elevate your expertise. Tailor your experience by diving into specialized classes in diagnostics, electronics, or scan tools. Engage with fellow technicians during sessions, and participate in live demonstrations to hone your skills. The VISION Hi-Tech Training & Expo is your chance to level up and soar to new heights in your career.

Driveability Technicians: Mastering the Skills

For the seasoned professionals steering the course, VISION offers advanced sessions that delve into the latest vehicles, tools, and technology. Sign up for courses that focus on skills and information you need. Select from over 100+ courses throughout the 3-1/2 day event and network and connect with the brightest minds of trainers and fellow attendees. Connect with like-minded professionals during exclusive networking events, and share your wealth of experience with the next generation of automotive leaders.

No matter where you are in your career, VISION Hi-Tech Training & Expo provides a platform to customize your learning experience. Attendees can gear up for registration, and choose from a variety of sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities that align with their career trajectory. Chart your course with precision, and get ready for a personalized VISION experience that propels you towards success in the dynamic world of automotive service and repair.

As we countdown to the event, remember – at VISION, the skies are limitless, and the learning opportunities are boundless. Buckle up for a customized journey that caters to every stage of your automotive service career!

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