5 Reasons Attending VISION 2022 Will Help You Reach Your Goals

Attention auto repair technicians and others who work in the professional auto care industry: the automotive event of the year is quickly approaching. VISION 2022 will be held March 3-6 in Kansas City. This is your opportunity to socialize with fellow auto repair professionals and like-minded individuals in the auto industry. If you are interested in getting help for your auto repair shop, if you would like to learn more about how to be a better owner, service advisor, or technician or if you simply want to get back on track to start the new year, this is the event for you!

Be sure to register to reserve your spot at VISION Expo as soon as possible so you aren’t left out. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top reasons for auto repair professionals to attend the VISION Hi-Tech & Training Expo.

1. An Automotive Training Event Tailored to Auto Repair Professionals

VISION KC is an automotive training event everyone in the auto sector will love, regardless of their unique business, experience level with cars, and other factors. However, those who have attended the event in the past are quick to testify to its merits in the context of helping auto repair technicians, shop owners, and other industry professionals.

If you are an auto repair specialist, do business in the auto aftermarket space or have any other auto-related business or interest, the learning opportunities are limitless at VISION 2022. VISION Expo is also an opportunity to establish relationships with fellow auto repair professionals. Seize the opportunity to discuss the auto repair industry with these fellow car repair experts, pick their brains, pose questions, raise concerns and share your expertise.

You will expand your network and your knowledge base and skills by attending VISION KC. The event’s 3,500+ attendees hail from across the United States, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Guatemala, and beyond, meaning they provide highly unique insight that you can’t get locally.

2. Check out the Auto Industry’s Latest Tools and Tech

Every auto repair technician is looking for the best tools, parts, and other sundries necessary for repairs that last. VISION 2022 is held in a 60,000 square-foot facility. Attend VISION KC and you’ll have your finger on the pulse of the auto repair industry, obtaining access to all the latest cutting-edge auto aftermarket tools, technology, equipment, and more through hands-on demonstrations.

3. Informative Sessions for Auto Repair Technicians

Unlike other conferences and events, VISION Expo is not a single session. This event features several sessions for technical training for auto repair specialists and other sessions designed for management. Work in the auto sector as a repair specialist or in any capacity? You will gain valuable insight by attending VISION 2022 through our LIVE automotive training sessions, including entry-level to advanced diagnostic training. There are door prizes, a new product gallery, and a yet-to-be-revealed show special sure to wow the audience.

4. The Networking Opportunity You’ve Been Looking For

Start a conversation with your fellow VISION KC attendees and exhibitors, and you’ll establish relationships with fellow auto repair professionals. Auto repair specialists and car enthusiasts from around the country and the world attend this event, meaning they are also looking for insight, information, and advice from others who repair cars for a living. Network with VISION 2022 attendees, make inroads with fellow auto repair professionals, and you’ll walk away from the event with newfound information that helps you do your job that much better.

5. Learn From the Best Auto Repair Experts in the World

This March, the auto industry’s top auto repair specialists will be on-site for VISION 2022 in Kansas City. This is a golden opportunity to learn from the industry’s elite. The best part is VISION KC is full of professionals seeking to learn from and help one another be the best they can be. Attending this informative event will help you improve your understanding of the latest techniques and tools for auto repairs. The event also provides information about aftermarket automobile parts, automotive technology, and the industry’s ongoing evolution. Additionally, those in management may register to attend high-quality management classes explicitly designed with shop owners, managers, and service advisors in mind.

Ask around, and you’ll find VISION Expo has a well-earned reputation as a high-quality learning environment for auto repair professionals and others looking to expand their intellectual horizons in the context of automobiles. This is an opportunity to participate in the industry’s best training without canned sessions or high-pressure sales.

Register For Your Spot Today

VISION 2022 registration is available now. Set to be the best auto professionals training in 2022, you won’t want to miss out! Be sure to register before it’s too late. There’s no need to show proof of vaccination to attend. Click here to register for VISION2022.

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