10 Reasons to Attend VISION: The Premier Automotive Training Event in 2022

Get ready for one of the biggest, most-well-attended events for automotive management and technical training for automotive service professionals in 2022 — the annual VISION KC Hi-Tech Training Expo! Although Virtually Vision 2021 was a huge success, we are so excited to meet again in person. We’re excited to see you all… so don’t wait to register to get 2022’s best training!

Here are ten reasons to sign up early for the VISION Hi-Tech & Training Expo NOW.

1. Train With Leading Industry Professionals at 2022’s Premier In-Person Event

The VISION Hi-Tech & Training Expo is the first in-person training event of 2022. Here you will train with some of the industry’s leading professionals in the automotive aftermarket. As a bonus, there is the opportunity to network with these innovative trainers at the VISION Expo.

2. Meet With More Than 3,500 Attendees From 6 Countries

The VISION Training & Expo is one of the most well-attended events in the automotive industry. You’ll meet with over 3,500 people from six countries, historically including Canada, Australia, Guatemala, Brazil, and Zimbabwe.

3. Choose From Over 100 Cutting-Edge Automotive Training Courses

At the VISION training event, you can fill your schedule with automotive training courses that cover new technology, shop management, organization, and more.

4. Visit Vendor Booths at VISION KC’s 60,000-ft. Exhibit Hall

The VISION Hi-Tech & Training Expo will be hosted in a 60,000 square foot exhibit hall featuring multiple booths set up by the top brands and exhibitors in the automotive industry. The expo will include vendors showcasing industry-specific software, tools, parts, services, and more!

5. Get Hands-On With the Latest Automotive Tools and Equipment

At many booths featured at the VISION Expo, you’ll be able to get hands-on demonstrations of the most innovative automotive technology and equipment. You can engage with tools in real-time and learn from company experts, allowing you to make smart decisions about what your automotive business offers.

6. Get Access to the Online VISION Expo

Your VISION Hi-Tech & Training Expo registration also provides you access to the online VISION Expo, where you can view product images, browse show specials, and even enter your name to win a door prize.

7. Attend Comprehensive, LIVE Automotive Training Sessions

VISION KC is set apart from other automotive training events by our LIVE automotive training sessions, including entry-level to advanced diagnostic training, including live-car and hands-on training, are taught by the best trainers in the industry to prepare you for the latest industry challenges. These sessions go beyond whiteboard “theory” and immerse the trainee in real-world experiences.

8. Celebrate Top Automotive Service Professionals

Join us as we celebrate top automotive service professionals in the industry with awards, accolades, and scholarships at the VISION Training & Expo.

We also offer financial assistance to individuals and teams that demonstrate need. Don’t let post-COVID-19 financial hardship keep you from growing your automotive business at VISION KC!

9. Get Your Products and Services In Front of Key Industry Players

Setting up a booth at the VISION Hi-Tech & Training Expo allows you to get your automotive shop’s products and services in front of the industry’s key players. From shop owners to service advisors, to technicians, to other industry professionals, VISION is the place to put a spotlight on your business.

10. Save Money On Your VISION Hi-Tech & Training Expo Registration

By registering for VISION Hi-Tech & Training Expo early, you can get a discount! Subscribe now to get first dibs on the lowest-priced registration available.

Register For VISION Expo 2022 Now

You don’t want to miss VISION 2022. The VISION Expo promises to be bigger and better than ever! Register today — you can guarantee this leading training event will fill up quickly!

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