Who Should Attend VISION 2022?

The VISION Hi-Tech & Training Expo is one of the most popular and highly anticipated automotive training events in 2022, and for a good reason. After two long years of COVID-19 lockdowns and social distancing, the entire industry is excited to be getting back to normal.

VISION has something for everyone in your shop. Here are several people who could benefit immensely from attending the VISION Hi-Tech & Training Expo this year:

Auto Repair Shop Owners

If you own or manage an auto repair shop, VISION 2022 was created just for you. This premier automotive training event gathers some of the world’s top professionals teaching top-notch classes with the newest available technology for spectacular networking and learning opportunities to apply to your shop.

Service Advisors

Service advisors are one of the most important positions in an auto repair shop, but continuing education for service advisors is often overlooked. At VISION, we have many workshops that will help your service advisors hone their skills in customer service, sales, maintaining correct margins, and more.

Auto Repair Technicians

VISION Hi-Tech & Training Expo is the place for technicians to learn about the latest in automotive technology, diagnostic procedures, and repair methods. From classroom training to hands-on workshops, VISION KC is where technicians come to become and remain top performers.


Students who are attending trade school to become automotive technicians have always loved attending VISION. They are given an opportunity to learn advanced skills during a time when they are primarily learning the basics of how vehicle systems work and troubleshooting these systems. The hands-on training allows them to see how some of the best diagnosticians in the world go about diagnosing and repairing the most difficult problems. In addition, they get to network with people who may one day become their co-workers, employers, or even colleagues as shop owners.

Other Automotive Service Professionals

Any professional in the automotive service industry stands to benefit by attending the VISION Hi-Tech & Training Expo! No matter what part of the industry you work in or what your role is, there’s an automotive training course to meet your needs.

Register For Your Seat At VISION Expo 2022 Today

VISION 2022 is the most anticipated automotive management and technical training event of the year and is expected to be highly attended. Past shows have brought over 3,500 participants, and after COVID-19, everyone’s excited about getting as much in-person training as possible.

Not only do you save money by pre-registering, but you also eliminate the risk of being too late to gain access to the classes you want to attend most. This year’s VISION Expo will likely fill up sooner than ever before, so be sure to sign up now and secure your spot.

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