VISION KC 2024: Accelerating Towards Record-Breaking Success!

The excitement is in the air as VISION KC 2024 officially hits the gas pedal with over 2000 registrants and counting! Since the launch of public registration on November 16, 2023, we’ve shattered our own records, surpassing previous registration numbers. As of January 12, we’ve already outpaced last year’s figures, hitting the 2000 mark. Brace yourselves, because VISION KC 2024 is gearing up to be the most colossal conference to date, breaking barriers and setting new standards in the automotive service industry.

Unprecedented Growth

In the fast lane of growth, VISION KC 2024 is sprinting ahead with an increasing number of classes filling up rapidly and hotel spaces becoming a precious commodity. The projections are through the roof, promising an unparalleled experience for attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, and instructors alike. Buckle up because we’re soaring to new heights, and the journey promises to be nothing short of extraordinary.

For Attendees: Seize Your Moment

Don’t let the roaring success of VISION KC 2024 pass you by! While we’ve hit record-breaking registration numbers, there’s still room for you to join the premier automotive training event. A handful of courses may be sold out, and the Sheraton hotel is fully booked, but fear not – there are 100+ courses and seven other hotels with available space. Act now before these options vanish. The clock is ticking, and the best time to register for VISION is NOW. Dive into the VISION agenda, explore the course brochure, and secure your spot at VISION KC 2024 for the courses and hotel space you desire.

For Exhibitors: Rev Up Your Presence

Record-breaking attendance means record-breaking opportunities for exhibitors! VISION attendees represent the automotive service industry – dedicated, committed, and exceptionally knowledgeable. Exhibiting at VISION places your products and services in front of the best audience in the industry. With limited exhibitor booths left, it’s time to make your move. Become a VISION exhibitor NOW before all booths are claimed. Gear up to bring the knowledge and information that automotive service industry enthusiasts crave – VISION KC 2024 is your stage!

For those interested in exhibiting, there are limited exhibitor booths left. The time to become a VISION exhibitor is NOW. Businesses interested in exhibiting, learn more on the exhibitor page.

For Sponsors: Steer Your Brand to Success

With record-breaking registration numbers, the opportunity to showcase your brand to thousands is an accelerator for success. VISION offers a spectrum of sponsorship opportunities, providing exhibitors with a chance to contribute to the excellence that defines VISION. VISION exhibitors: don’t miss out on the chance to make a significant impact – sign up for a sponsorship opportunity NOW and ride the wave of success with VISION KC 2024.

VISION KC 2024 does offer a sponsorship opportunity to attending shops only. The Technicians of Tomorrow Education Foundation (TTEF) t-shirt line listing sponsorship. Your shop has the opportunity to be featured on the 2024 VISION Conference t-shirt. Your shop must be attending VISION to have your shop name in a line listing on the back of the t-shirt. There is a limited quantity of line listings available so secure your listing today!

Excitement is building, records are breaking, and the automotive industry is gearing up for an unforgettable journey. Be a part of the revolution – register, exhibit, and sponsor at VISION. The road to success awaits, and we’re paving it with enthusiasm, innovation, and the energy that defines the VISION Hi-Tech Training & Expo experience!

See you at VISION KC 2024!

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