VISION 2025 Saving Tips And Tricks

Travis Troy, 2024 VISION Co-Chair shares his personal tips and tricks that help him to bring almost his entire team to VISION. For those who are looking for better ways to afford VISION, check out these helpful tips.

Start your savings journey now and feel confident when it comes time to pay for the 2025 VISION registration! If you’re aiming to attend the 2025 VISION conference, begin the planning process today and take note of Travis’s proven tips.

  1. Determine out the number of employees you want to bring to VISION 2025.
  2. Began a savings goal for all your employees registrations. Use 2024 pricing as a reference.
  3. Stick with a consistent savings goal that makes sense for your business.
  4. If you hit your targeted savings goal, begin saving for the hotel rooms, additional food, or other expenses.
  5. Leading up to registration, get yourself and your team excited for the opportunity to be a part of the 2025 VISION event – you don’t want to miss!

Use VISION’s 2024 information as a reference for what to expect for VISION 2025. All events, prices, and courses are subject to change. Don’t miss out on VISION 2025, subscribe today to get the latest VISION Hi-Tech Training & Expo news!

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