Top Automotive Management Training Sessions to Attend at VISION

Rev up your engines, automotive professionals! In the ever-changing world of automotive service, effective management is the fuel that drives success. At VISION Hi-Tech Training & Expo, we recognize the pivotal role that strategic management plays in shaping businesses. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the world of management sessions at VISION, showcasing how these sessions can unlock the full potential of your repair shop. Get ready to steer your business toward new heights!

Overview of Management Sessions

In the fast lane of business growth and success, strategic management skills are critical to shop owners and managers. VISION’s management sessions cover a spectrum of crucial aspects, from marketing strategies to enhancing customer experience and overall business finance and development.

VISION understands that one size doesn’t fit all. Our management sessions are tailored for professionals at various levels – from entry-level managers to seasoned shop owners. Each course is designed to tackle specific challenges and harness opportunities unique to each management tier.

 Spotlight on Specific Sessions 

When it comes to offering course variety, VISION remains the unwavering choice for automotive management training thanks to the contribution of instructors from all over the nation. These courses, handpicked based on their relevance to current industry trends, cater to various skill levels, from beginner to advanced.

The below courses showcase a glimpse into the management courses offered at VISION. The following courses were highlighted based on their subject matter and current growing registration numbers. Some listed courses are currently sold out, and some are going fast.

M1-AB Five Star Service Advisor: Thursday February 29, instructed by Coralee Zueff
  • As the author of Amazon’s bestseller Five Star Service Advisor, Coralee’s training brings the book to life. Shops can have the best technicians but when the service advisor lacks the technician knowledge and communication skills, the shop looses profit and have increased conflict. With her 21 years in the automotive industry, she will guide participants through all aspects of service advising.
  • Your advisor will learn strategies to understand technical diagnosis, how to educate the customer about their repairs and get more work approved. Her proven method of communication virtually eliminates upset customers. And how about those “annoying” price shoppers? Coralee will teach her strategy to save the advisors precious time and book appointments
M18-E How to Run Your Shop Stress-Free: Saturday March 2, instructed by Jay Huh
  • Anyone who’s been in auto repair for any time knows how stressful ownership can be! The truth is that this shouldn’t be normal. In this training, Jay will give you the secrets he’s learned over the years on designing your shop to run without the chaos and stress most experience.
    • The class is sponsored by Shop Fix Academy.
M22-F Pricing, Profitability, and Adaptation for the Modern Auto Repair Shop: Saturday March 2, Instructed by Jeremy O’Neal
  • Learn how to accurately price labor for invisible services like in-depth diagnoses, computer reprogramming, and electrical fault testing. Discover new potential profit centers emerging from vehicle complexity, like software upgrades, subscription services, and data management. We’ll discuss how to communicate the value of diagnostic work to customers clearly.
  • Attendees will leave prepared to update their pricing models, maximize technician efficiency, and adapt their shop’s offerings to take advantage of industry trends and innovations. With instructive examples drawn from real-world experience, this class gives owners, managers, and technicians insights into building a profitable shop with satisfied customers for years to come.
  • Attendees will learn how to: Price labor hours accurately for complex drivetrain, electrical, and computer diagnostics Identify new profit opportunities in data-driven and software-based vehicle service Improve labor efficiency with shop flow and technician training Communicate diagnostic and repair value transparently to customers Adapt to rapid changes in vehicle technology and service requirements Position your shop for long-term viability amid industry disruption Invest in your shop’s future success – join us for this intel-packed class on profitability, transparency, and adaptation in the evolving automotive repair industry.
    • This class is sponsored by WTI/CTI
M23-G Creating Loyal Customers: Making Them Feel Special: Sunday March 3, Moderated by Kim Walker
  • Your customers are being bombarded with marketing from your competition – and everyone else! Not only do you need to stay top of mind, but you can keep your customers coming back to you over and over by making them feel special. In this class, former teacher, counselor and shop owner Kim Walker will share easy, clever and creative ways that you can connect with your customers so that they would never think of going anywhere else.
    • After taking this session, you will:
    • Appreciate even more the idea of customer loyalty
    • Have new ideas for fostering customer loyalty
    • Understand how to implement ideas that make your customers feel special
    • Connect customers feelings with your marketing
    • This class is sponsored by Shop Marketing Pros

 The Expert Instructors 

At VISION, we are committed to bringing you the best in the industry. Our management sessions consistently feature top-notch industry professionals as instructors, ensuring you learn from the very best. Our instructors bring a wealth of real-world management experience to the table, providing not just theoretical knowledge but practical insights you can implement immediately.

Beyond the workshops, seize the chance to connect with these industry leaders during and after the sessions. Networking opportunities at VISION extend your learning beyond the classroom.

Featured Instructors and Sessions:

  • Rick White
    • M3-A, Thursday Feb 29: Business Boss Bootcamp: From Creeper to Leader, Sponsored by 180BIZ
  • Jimmy Lea
    • M6-B, Thursday Feb 29: Mastering the Art of Successful Communication, Sponsored by IforAbe.
  • Jeremy O’Neal
    • M15-D, Friday March 1: Mastering the Automotive Sales Process: A Workshop for Service Advisors, Sponsored by WTI/CTI.
    • M22-F, Saturday March 2: Pricing, Profitability, and Adaptation for the Modern Auto Repair Shop, Sponsored by WTI/CTI.
  • Hunt Demarest
    • M8-B, Thursday Feb 29: Transitioning Your Business, Sponsored by WTI/CTI.
    • M12-C, Friday March 1: What if: Preparing Your Shop for Your Unexpected Absence (Panel), Sponsored by Paar Melis, Moderated by Hunt Demarest.
  • Maylan Newton
    • M24-G, Sunday March 3: Profit Structuring and Business Analysis, Sponsored by ESI Seminars.
  • Kim Walker
    • M25-G, Sunday March 3: Service Advisor Success Blueprint: Mastering Communication.

In the automotive service world, attending VISION isn’t just about acquiring skills; it’s an opportunity to learn from the industry’s best. These workshops are the pit stop your business needs to accelerate toward success.

Explore the full lineup of management sessions on the VISION Hi-Tech Training & Expo website and secure your spot early. Your journey to driving business success starts here!

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