VISION 2022: Reasons to Implement Employee Training

Employers sometimes do not provide employee training because of the cost of the training. However, an employer recoups the cost of training in better customer service and better work skills that allow the employer to increase its customer base and productivity. Lorman Training Solutions completed a study that shows that employees prefer ongoing training to keep up with the newest technology.

VISION 2022 provides auto technician training to provide shop owners, service advisors, and auto technicians with additional knowledge on concepts and new technology available to the industry, including new diagnostic tools and software to allow employees to communicate with customers better, whether in person or digitally.

How Employees Relate to Training

When Lorman Training Solutions questioned employees, stats found that almost 59 percent of the polled workers said they had no workplace training. Seventy-four percent were willing to learn new skills or re-train so that they could remain employable. And, only 29 percent were “very satisfied” with career advancement opportunities.

To ensure your employees remain satisfied and reach their full potential, employers should provide ongoing training, especially in an industry that frequently sees updates in technology. It’s easy to ignore one or two new vehicle features, but the new ones start adding up. Before you know it, your employees are behind the cue ball. VISION KC provides the training employees, service advisors, and owners need to remain competitive.

Better Retention

Providing ongoing education also helps with an employer’s retention rate. Lorman found that 70 percent of employees would leave their current job to take a position where the company invests in its employees. Additionally, 86 percent of millennials stated that they would stay in their current position if their employer offered training and development.

Finally, over 70 percent of “high-retention-risk” employees leave their position so that they can work for a company that will allow them to advance their careers. VISION Hi-Tech Training & Expo provides auto technical training and introduces new diagnostic and other tools that help a shop remain competitive.

Better Leadership Skills

A successful shop has service advisors with excellent leadership and communication skills. Leadership skills lead to better teamwork skills and help junior staff prepare to move into leadership positions.

The Lorman study found that almost 50 percent of managers with more than ten years of experience had about nine hours of training. The study also found that in-house employees can fill only 42 percent of critical roles.

Furthermore, 61 percent of new hires are more likely to be fired than those promoted from within. As an employer, you can significantly reduce turnover by providing ongoing training.

Saving Money Via Compliance

Another vital training statistic is that 23 percent of companies do not have formal compliance training. Many might think that the automotive industry does not need compliance training, but it does. An auto repair shop has private customer and employee information that could easily be stolen and used to steal identities, including names, addresses, vehicle information, and registration information.

Companies that experience non-compliance issues put out about $14.82 million per year.

Classes are filling up quickly for automotive technical training! If you plan to attend Vision High Tech & Training Expo, make your reservations now.

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