2024 Scholarships & Award Winners

VISION has several technical and management scholarships available that cover fees to attend VISION, including the Harvey Chan Memorial Scholarship, Tim Cummings Memorial Scholarship, Anthony Williams Memorial Scholarship, Educator Scholarships, and Amazing Women in Automotive Scholarship! 

There are also several VISION Awards we take applications for, including: Green Star Service Facilities, Best Website, Humanitarian of the Year, Educator of the Year, and Service Facility of the year.

For VISION 2024, we have three new awards to introduce: Best Facebook + Instagram, Best TikTok, Best Place To Work, and Radical Generosity Award!

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An object in motion tends to stay in motion. There are individuals in this industry who give, work, and encourage in a manner that keeps our industry moving forward. The Radical Generosity Award is created to shine a well deserved spotlight on an industry professional who is dedicated to improving our industry in positive ways. They are involved, lead, encourage, and give back to the automotive repair community. The winner of this award is a role model to all of us in professionalism, character, and integrity. This award is presented by Shop Marketing Pros.

2024 Radical Generosity Award WINNER:

Jerry "G" Truglia

The “Best Places to Work” award seeks to honor automotive service facilities that exemplify excellence in the workplace. Facilities are evaluated on training and advancement opportunities, culture, work-life balance, technology utilization, shop/work environment, and employee benefits. This award celebrates the facilities that not only drive innovation in automotive service but also foster a great work environment. By recognizing and showcasing these facilities, this award aims to inspire a higher standard of workplace excellence within the automotive service industry.

Best Place To Work WINNER:

TikTok is among the many current trending social media platforms in this generation. TikTok, may arguably be the most popular, and for that it we’ve dedicated an award for the best TikTok. TikTok is a unique, clever, and creative way to engage audiences and prospective customers. If you have impressive follower/video view numbers, a video that has went “viral”, or you’re proud of the content/following you’ve built, we encourage your team to submit to the Best TikTok Award!

Best TikTok WINNER:

Enright Automotive

Social media plays a large role in company awareness and customer generation. It’s not enough to simply post content on social platforms, but in order to drive results and obtain a target audience, tailored content needs to be created. On top of tailored content, interaction and engagement with followers is another important factor in maintaining a superb social platform. This award is for those shops who have demonstrated a clear social media marketing strategy with their content and focus, and produces high-quality engagement with their followers. 

Best Facebook and Instagram WINNER:

Accurate Automotive

Does your shop’s website provide a “wow” factor that impresses customers and potential customers alike? Does your site promote professionalism in the service industry while providing critical information to consumers about your business? An independent panel of judges reviews websites on the following criteria: content, structure and navigation, visual design, functionality, interactivity and overall visitor experience. The award is open to collision repair and mechanical service facilities; nominees must have at least one employee attending VISION 2024.

Best Website WINNER:

This award spotlights a single shop’s efforts to promote professionalism in the automotive service industry, and judges review the business’s practices, industry and association participation, community involvement and physical appearance of the facility and team. In addition, nominees must have a measurable customer satisfaction index (CSI) method, and must maintain a minimum average score of 95. This award is open to any shop attending VISION 2024.

Facility of the Year WINNER:

The VISION Humanitarian Award recognizes outstanding contributions and making a difference in their community. Open to all VISION attendees, including exhibitors, the recipient of this award will be recognized at the VISION Celebration of Independents Awards dinner on Saturday evening.

Humanitarian of the Year

The Green Star Service Facility designation is awarded to environmentally friendly repair shops that promote sound and safe recycling and disposal of shop waste products such as tires, fluids, batteries and refrigerants. Training practices, pollution prevention programs and the use of environmentally friendly products and services will also be reviewed. New shops meeting the criteria will be recognized at the Awards Dinner at VISION 2024. Prior recipients do not need to reapply for this designation.   

Green Star Service Facility WINNER:

The AWiA (Amazing Women in Automotive) is providing a scholarship to a first-time, female attendee and will cover a 4-day package to attend the 2024 VISION event, as well as 4-nights hotel. Training package sponsored by AWiA. Hotel sponsored by VISION/TTEF.

AWiA Scholarship WINNER:

Educator of the Year

VISION Hi-Tech Training & Expo launched the Educator Think Tank Program with the goal of bringing together Automotive Technology educators in a learning-driven and exciting environment to brainstorm, collaborate, and learn. With the success of the program comes a desire to recognize these educators that have dedicated their careers to the Automotive Technology Industry and that teach and empower the future of the industry. This honor will be awarded to an individual whose commitment to their program and students sets them apart. They will have demonstrated innovative and successful teaching methods and a drive to continually adapt and move forward in their teaching field.  The Educator of the Year will be announced at the VISION Celebration of Independents Awards Dinner on Saturday evening, March 2nd. 

Greg Deeds Memorial Scholarship

Greg was a Shop Owner, Technician, Father and Grandfather. Dedicated to providing his customers with the best service possible, he was always seeking to sharpen his skillset by attending training events to stay up to date on the latest technology. In his 30 year career as a technician, He mentored many young technicians to help further their careers in the industry. Greg was always going out of his way to help the people he knew and cared for. ECU Hero wishes to honor Greg’s legacy and his passion for training events with a 4-day package to attend the 2024 VISION event, as well as 4-nights hotel stay to a qualifying individual. 

Deadline: January 12, 2024

Presented by:

Management & Technical Scholarship

VISION has numerous technical and management scholarships available. This year we are accepting applications using one form and the awards committee members will determine recipients from all the applications received. 

Deadline: January 12, 2024