VISION 2022: 4 Reasons Service Advisors Should Attend VISION 2022

VISION isn’t just for technicians. Service advisors will also benefit from attending several service advisors training courses offered.

Whether the service advisor is managing technicians or explaining a complex concept to a customer, the service advisor’s training courses and automotive conferences will help even the most experienced service advisor in their position.

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1. Service Advisor Workshop

The VISION Hi-Tech Training & Expo offers several live training courses geared to service advisors. The Service Advisor Workshop at VISION KC allows participants to discuss several topics regarding increasing buy-in from customers.

Service advisors will learn more about getting a customer to say “Yes” to a large job, communicating with customers, the sales process, handling objections, closing a deal, the delivery of the vehicle, and much more.

This seminar is given by Dave Heacock and sponsored by NAPA Autotech.

2. Master the Chaos – Art & Science of a Successful Service Advisor

For those shops that have implemented technology to contact customers in a contactless world, this seminar will teach you how to be more successful in garnering those larger jobs when you do everything via video chat, photos, and phone calls.

This seminar will also help shops consider adding this technology to their shops and how to use it to increase sales.

The seminar is taught by Bryan Stasch and sponsored by Automotive Training Institute.

3. Delivery: Reselling the Value of the Repair

VISION 2022 includes a class that teaches shop owners, techs, and service advisors how to turn vehicle delivery into a lasting relationship with your customers. This is the type of comeback you want to see—a customer returning for additional work, unlike the other comeback where the tech has to warranty their work or parts.

A teaser for this auto technician training seminar: Don’t hurry the customer out the door after the repair is completed. A little sugar goes a long way. Give the customer a reason to bring all their vehicles to you for repair—for the rest of the vehicle’s life.

Clint White teaches this seminar.

4. Active Listening & Clear Communication

This auto technical training course helps service advisors be the perfect conduit for information between the technician and the customer.

You’ll learn how to get more information from the customer. This way, you have less frustrated technicians in the diagnostic process and customers who will sing your praises because you found something they could not adequately describe.

Clint White also teaches this seminar.

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Increasing a service advisor’s ability to communicate with customers or teaching new software and technology to communicate with customers can only increase your customer base and sales to current customers. The courses designed for service advisors will give your business a boost.

Classes are filling up quickly! Register now to attend VISION Hi-Tech Training & Expo and get into the classes you and your advisors want and need.

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